35mm Supreme

Artificial grass warranty

Due to the harsh variable clients in South Africa our products and materials are carefully selected to ensure in can easily survive in the ALL conditions. 

To ensure peace of mind – we include a manufacturer warranty on the artificial grass ranging from 5 years to 8 years (* see product page for exact warranty time frame). We also include a installation warranty for those clients choosing to install via Perfect Turfs. 

How to clean artificial grass
  • Water it down
  • To remove any feses, you are still able to use the general pooper scooper or plastic bag
  • We all know that your artificial grass won’t stay clean forever. This is due to the fact that a lot of activity goes on outside such as family get-togethers, kids playing outside and pets running around. At some point, it is bound to happen for some sauce to spill or oily stains to appear. To remove these, you simply need to take some water and rinse it down


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